Preparing Your Cosplay for a Convention

So you want to dress up as your favourite character for a big convention? Nowadays, conventions and cosplay are serious business. There are sponsored cosplayers who go to numerous conventions who are making big money for showing up and doing photo ops. They’ll have professional-looking costumes that look like they could have come straight from a movie set.

Cosplaying isn’t the same kind of scene it was just a few years ago. Now that a lot of these characters are legitimised through movies, as well as comic and anime conventions, cosplaying is a big deal, and people are really stepping up their cosplay game. If you want to look like you belong, you’ll have to get serious about your costume.


If you aren’t adept at sowing, crafting and putting professional-looking outfits together, then you can always find someone who is. Just put out a Craigslist ad for a costumer or try one of the many professional cosplayers online. Lots of them design and put together costumes for other people in addition to their own.


If you feel brave enough to try to make your own, then you can always watch their video tutorials. If your character is fairly popular, you should be able to find a YouTube video that shows you how to make a decent costume for yourself. Just be prepared to go to some speciality shops to get some of the parts you need and put in lots of hours to make it look perfect. ext here.

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